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Date: Sep 11, 2022

Location: bloomington, Minnesota, US

Company: Worldwide Flight Services, Inc.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


* Perform Cargo Aircraft Weight & Balance via computer or manual way

*Calculate and / or verify correct weights, destination/origination labels/tags

* Oversee flight plans, Graphic and Text Weather

* Provides General Declaration and NOTOCs

In communication with USCBP/ Agriculture for International flights

* Acts as Ground Security Coordinator ie acft search

Coordinate A/C parking and STA/STD with Carrier and Airport

* Liaise for Ground Transportation & Carrier fueler and Catering

* Knowledge in loading and unloading of aircraft vehicles and freight/mail containers ( ULD's/APC's, etc.)

* Current IATA Certified cat 6 Dagerous Goods/Hazmat Training

* Build up, break down and sort of freight, mail, and baggage as applicable

* Safe and proper acceptancem handling and transfer of freight, mail and baggage as applicable

* Ensure and verify security and integrity of all freight, mail and baggage as applicable

* Provide proper marshalling signals for A/C and GSE operations as directed

* Conduct proper two-way communication  in Enlgish using ground-to-ground and air-to ground radios and telephones as applicable.

* Service and proper operation of customer aircraft ( cabin cleaning, lavatory/water service, deicing) as applicable

* Cleaning and servicing of GSE, ramp, warehouse, bathrooms and offices and facilities as directed

* Safely and properly position and tow A/C as trained and certified

* Ability to work weekends including Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays if needed, and the ability to work different shifts

* Must be proficient in operation of all warehouse machinery and GSE equipment.

 *Adhere to all airport facility regulations regarding proper security and identification procedures, including correct escort and security identification badge/challenge responsibilities.